Having employees requires a lot of involved record keeping, tax filing, and remittance, meaning it can turn into a mountain of work quickly.

What I Do

Payroll Services

Processing Payroll

It may be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, but payroll needs to be run regularly, meaning that tending to this task is a commitment, and I can take that off your hands.

Payroll Tax Calculation & Remittance

Federal and State taxes have to be withheld depending on where you work and where you live. I can help to ensure that these taxes are paid, and that you receive regular reports showing what has been owed and paid.


Employees can make changes to their tax withholding pretty regularly, which means that strong recordkeeping is necessary to ensure employees are being paid correctly.












"Brixton has been very professional and responsive to all of my questions, she has been quick to answer and always gives me great bookkeeping advice along with my year end taxes! I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of bookkeeping, payroll or taxes filing."

Kevin W.

"Brix is very Professional and knowledgeable. Also, if there is anything they don't know they have connections to find the answers."

Michael S.

"Brixton has made starting a small business much easier. I did not know how to do book keeping and Brixton takes care of that for me monthly. Brixton will also answer any questions I have about taxes etc."

Naz S.


I'm an accountant with 10+ years experience. I started Books by Brix with the intent to service my communities in understanding their business finances and performance better. I can help you organize your business records and gain more clarity about how your business is performing.

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