I provide services for all manner of businesses, whether you’re a sole proprietor or a corporation, I’m available to help.

What is the right plan for me?

I do offer on-demand and one-time services. I do offer service packages that help to level out costs. Service plans start at $30/month or $30/hour.

Do I have to commit to a contract?

No. No contract is necessary but each client will receive one that outlines our discussion regarding services needed and provided.

What payment methods are available?

You can make payments by ACH directly through my invoices, credit card, debit card, and also through services such as cashapp, venmo, paypal, etc.

What if I pick the wrong plan?

Just let me know. I’m happy to make adjustments as needed.

What are my payment options?

Services can always be paid for month-by-month, and are due 15 days after the service is provided. Additionally, you can pre-purchase time and receive a discount for bulk hours.

If I have questions, where can I find answers?

Call, text, or email me any time of day, any day of the year.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Physical records are kept under physical lock & key. Digital records are housed using secure services such as Dropbox & Google drive. I prefer to transmit electronic data through Signal, which offers by default, end-to-end encryption, that way no one else sees any sensitive documents we need to share.

What happens to my data if I cancel?


I'm an accountant with 10+ years experience. I started Books by Brix with the intent to service my communities in understanding their business finances and performance better. I can help you organize your business records and gain more clarity about how your business is performing.


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