Keeping good records is important to understanding the performance and health of your business.

What I Do

Individual, Small Business, & Corporate Bookkeeping

Transaction Recording

Whether your bank records import, or need to be manually input. I'll ensure that your transactions are accurately recorded and categorized.

Account Reconciliation

Ensuring your records in your books matches those of your banks and other insitutions is beyond instrumental. I'll ensure that your records accurately reflect actual balances so you can trust your accounting records.

Chart of Accounts 

Information is less useful if it is hard to understand. I will organize your records in sensible ways so that you can easily identify each expense / income / liability category to keep the information from being too hard to digest.
















"Brixton has been very professional and responsive to all of my questions, she has been quick to answer and always gives me great bookkeeping advice along with my year end taxes! I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of bookkeeping, payroll or taxes filing."

Kevin W.

"Brix is very Professional and knowledgeable. Also, if there is anything they don't know they have connections to find the answers."

Michael S.

"Brixton has made starting a small business much easier. I did not know how to do book keeping and Brixton takes care of that for me monthly. Brixton will also answer any questions I have about taxes etc."

Naz S.


I'm an accountant with 10+ years experience. I started Books by Brix with the intent to service my communities in understanding their business finances and performance better. I can help you organize your business records and gain more clarity about how your business is performing.

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