About My Firm

Trying to find a better alternative to spending hours on your books each month? Let me take on those challenges and responsibilities to give you more time for what you’re best at.

Who I Am

I am an Accounting Expert

Your business may be open Monday through Friday, but the work doesn’t end there. I am available to respond to phone calls, text messages, and emails day and night. Weekends don’t scare me, and your urgent phone call on a late Saturday night won’t either. I not only want to help reduce your work load, but help you understand it better too.

With easy to read reports, sensible classifications for expenses, and the readiness to respond to your inquiries, I am are prepared to not only turn you into a more efficient machine, but a more knowledgeable one where your business is concerned. Each business and each owner will have unique elements that I am prepared to cater to. Not only am I ready to adapt, but am happy to work with unique individuals. Whether you offer products, services, or a mix of both, I’m ready to provide you with the quality of record keeping you’ll need to stay focused on doing what you’re best at.

My Story

I am a queer trans woman, wanting to provide affordable accounting services to the communities that I belong to. I want to help small business owners focus on running their business, and not spending all of their time organizing receipts. I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2013 with my Bachelor’s of Sciences in Accounting, and have worked for several individual accountants and firms in my pursuit, and saw that I could perform the functions of these businesses without having to charge outrageous rates for my services. I previously co-owned and operated BK Express Bookkeeping, which has now evolved into Books by Brix.

"Brixton took the time to get to know my company and my goals, this was the first time a bookkeeper did that for my company. It helped him maximize my returns and monthly expenses!"

Kevin W.

"Brix is very Professional and knowledgeable. Also, if there is anything they don't know they have connections to find the answers."

Michael S.

"Brixton has made starting a small business much easier. I did not know how to do book keeping and Brixton takes care of that for me monthly. Brixton will also answer any questions I have about taxes etc."

Naz S.

 Join Me

My Clients Are Like Family

I want to get to know not just how your business operates, but how you operate. I want to understand when teh best ways in which I can service individuals and business owners, and to that end I am flexible and interested not just in what your business does, but why. I want to help you grow something amazing, especially something that does, or might, sustain your livelihood one day.

You can expect that I will match you with the best online solution so that we can collaborate and communicate easily. Don't like phone calls? Email or text me. Want to meet in person? I'll come to you. I'm flexible, and my interest in servicing clients in ways that are comfortable for myself and them is a huge foundation of Books by Brix.

Who I Am

The Team of Experts

Currently I own and operate Books by Brix on my own. With 10+ years of practical, hands on experience, and my vast business network, if something can’t be done by me, I know someone who can and can do it affordably.

Brixton Grace

Brixton Grace


As a queer neurodivergent trans woman, I know that working with other professionals can sometimes be tough. Rest assured I want my clients to feel respected and comfortable, knowing someone who interesects with their communities will be able to service them in not just a professional manner, but also a friendly one.


I'm an accountant with 10+ years experience. I started Books by Brix with the intent to service my communities in understanding their business finances and performance better. I can help you organize your business records and gain more clarity about how your business is performing.


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